SEasonal Designs Now Available

How does a food allergy tee raise awareness? By starting a conversation...with the person on the other side of the counter at the grocery store, or the mall, or the fast food restaurant. Wherever you go, you will find someone who will ask about your tee, about your child, about your loved one with a food allergy. The line of communication is opened and you will make that person more aware. 

We have recently added a line of Everyday tees. While these tees aren't food allergy aware tees, they still help raise awareness by helping us give back to non-profit organizations in the food allergy community.


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Peanuttees was born out of a desire to raise awareness of food allergies. We believe that Food Allergy Aware tees aren't just for those with food allergies. They are for everyone who knows someone with a food allergy. They are for everyone who wants to help raise awareness of food allergies.