My journey into the world of food allergy awareness began simply enough when I joined a moms group with my daughter. I met another mom in that group with a son who is allergic to peanuts. Basic label reading on the mornings I hosted the playgroup became the norm to ensure that the provided snack didn't contain peanuts. Just six months pregnant with my son at that time, I didn't yet know that the once every few weeks label reading, would soon become part of my everyday routine.

Fast forward to New Years Eve 2007. My son was now 14 months old, happily sitting in his highchair watching mommy and big sister make peanut butter balls. I scooped all the peanut butter from the plastic measuring cup, handed it to my son and started rolling the peanut butter into balls. One glance at my son told me things weren't quite right as the hives started spreading from his chin down his neck.

In that instant, my new role as food allergy mom began.  I thank God daily for blessing us that day, knowing my sons reaction could have been so much worse. But as every food allergy mom knows, the next reaction CAN be that much worse. 

As my son grew, so did my desire to raise awareness of food allergies and Peanuttees was born. My first designs were a bold statement not to feed my son because of his food allergy. However, I was never comfortable with him wearing those designs and risk becoming a target for bullies when he started school. My thoughts and designs turned toward my daughter. Not quite 'two handfuls', a self proclaimed fashionista, and all about sparkle, glitter and glamour, she also knows about food allergies and the importance of awareness. She is a Food Allergy Aware Princess. 

I've come to believe that food allergy aware tees aren't just for those with food allergies. They are for everyone who knows someone with a food allergy. They are for everyone who wants to help raise awareness of food allergies. We hope that with the addition of our Everyday tees, we can have a tee that will appeal to anyone. Thereby, helping raise awareness of food allergies and donate to non-profit organizations within the food allergy community.


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